Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve with Noni & Peanut

No better way to spend Christmas Eve than cuddling with Noni and Peanut!!

...and finding new places to stash my sippy cup!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Super Diaper Genie Refill Girl

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Changelings in the nursery..

Where did my good babies go? I think gnomes have been exchanging them during nap time.

One day, the gnomes left me an Andrew with a peg leg...

Needless to say we had a wardrobe change.

Andrew has become quite the Houdini in other ways too. After swaddling him in three blankets, I came up to check on him--having not heard any sounds through the monitor and still thinking him asleep--to discover this:

See how proud he is?

Also, they've become terrible thieves. I feed Lily whenever she wants, but you couldn't tell it from the way she hauled off the empty pizza boxes...

When I bring my lunch to the nursery, vultures descend...

And then run away with my lunch...

Andrew actually stole a stolen cucumber right out of Lily's hand. And when he had trouble figuring out how to get it to his mouth...

...Lily picked it up and gave it back to him.

Which was sweet...until he took too long to grab it so she ate it instead.

Glad I steam-mopped the floor last night!

The only good child left is Taevin...who just stared rolling over at Auntie Em's!

Yay Taevin!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Halloween Shopping

Auntie Marnie, Mommy, Lily, Taevin & Andrew went Halloween shopping today. Three babies and 8 stops was quite the adventure and, alas, we didn't make it to number 9. We did make some interesting discoveries:

Andrew is just like his Daddy...

...even though it's awkward, he insists on holding Marnie's hand.

Sam's Club doesn't sell EVERYTHING in bulk.

Even while shopping, nap time is very important. When the aunties say "lights out..."

...they mean lights out!

Overall, we had a fun time. Taevin was TOTALLY "King of the Nursery" today and when it was all said and done, we are mostly prepared for Halloween!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Boo At the Zoo

Today, Princess Lily, her pet dragon Andrew & her pet monkey Taevin went trick-or-treating at the Abilene Zoo! It was a little rainy in the big country, but we mustered up and trudged out anyway...what the princess wants, the princess gets!

Boy Auntie Marnie's jacket sure tastes good!

We started out all in the wagon.

But it was hard to see.

And James and Uncle Cookie thought the wagon was too heavy to lift and hold at each cage/habitat. So we all got out and used the wagon to hold our loot.

Obviously Lily had the best seat in the house!

We were excited to see the monkeys, but Taevin was sad when he saw the "do not feed the monkeys" sign.

Lily and Andrew saw some interesting things at the zoo. Taevin studied the backside of his eyelids...

This was DEFINITELY a great event and something we should do again next year!

Haunted Trolley Tour That almost wasn't

Yesterday, Lily and Andrew tried to ride the Abilene Preservation League's Haunted Trolley Tour. Mommy made reservations for us all ( Olivia, Auntie Marnie, Uncle Toph, Auntie Julia, Uncle Cookie, and James included) for the 7:00 tour. Then we'd come back and eat a hamburger then we'd go tour the "temporarily haunted" Swenson House--a beautiful home on the historic register and owned by the Preservation League. It was a good plan and we were all excited...

...but then:
-a computer glitch caused our trolley to be overbooked
-the next available trolley wasn't until 8:45
-they squeezed us onto the 7:15 even though there weren't enough seats
-the 7:15 broke down 5 times within the first block from the Swenson House, culminating in being stuck halfway into Grape Street
-We had to walk back to Swenson House
-our hamburgers cost considerably more than we expected ($4 each for JUST the burger
-the line for the haunted house was really long and we were still in it at 8:45
-we sent Uncle Cookie to check on our trolley and he found out it wouldn't actually leave till 9:10
-Lily toured the house and it was so cool!! All the ghouls threatened to eat her but she stared them down bravely.
-Andrew & Uncle Cookie went home at 9:00. It was just too much for him without a nap.
-we finally got on the trolley at 9:20!! And had a blast... Until the guide started picking on Lily's buddy James. She cried and the tour-guide stopped just for her. We still don't understand why she would pick on James...

Overall, a stressful but fun evening!