Monday, April 29, 2013

Princess Commandy-pants

While out at lunch with the family yesterday--think party of 14--Uncle Kendell, me and Lily all ordered sweet tea to drink. When it arrived, I look over at Uncle Kendell and whisper, "Does yours have sugar in it?" He answers no, and we both pull out the sugar packets, unhappy, but prepared to make the best of it.

Lily, meanwhile has tasted her tea and proceeds to have this conversation with our waitress...

Lily: Miss Waitress!! Miss Waitress!!
Waitress: (surprised to be addresses by the three year old) Yes, ma'am?
Lily: Waitress? sweet tea taste-es like water. Could you fix it please? (Imagine 13 of Lily's family members now speechless, watching this happen)
Waitress: um...of course. It taste-es like water, you said?
Lily: uh huh! It taste-es like water!

The waitress takes the cup and disappears. A few minutes pass and we regain the ability to speak. The waitress returns with three glasses of sweet tea and an apologetic look. She heads over to Lily and says..

Waitress: I'm so sorry, ma'am. We forgot to put the sugar in the sweet tea. Would you please taste it and make sure it's ok?
Lily: (takes cup, sips) that's much better. Thank you.

Waitress hands Kendell and me drinks which do, in fact, taste much better, and we manage to say thank you.

Eric and I DID pray for a decisive child who knew her own mind and could easily make decisions.