Monday, October 31, 2011

The Modern Stone Age Family

Having a yabba dabba doo time...

Friday, October 21, 2011

Lilyisms, Vol. 3

Lily: Want apple juice please!
Mommy: we don't have any apple juice.
Lily: where it go?
Mommy: in our tummies
Lily: not on our tummies, in the gator!
Mommy: in the GATOR?
Lily: No! In the GATOR!
Mommy: (thinks for a minute) In the REFRIGERATOR?
Lily: Yeah. The gator!

Lily: We go to Beach! Yay!
Mommy: (looks around parking lot) Lily, what beach? Mommy doesn't see any beach.
Lily: (exasperated) Right THERE, Mommy! (points to sign) H-E-BEACH!

Lily: Want bible please.
Mommy: We don't have a bible in the truck.
Daddy: While I am proud you want a bible, Mommy and Daddy are not wizards. We can not produce bibles from thin air.
Lily: (thinks for a minute) Lizards go outside.

Lily: Bugs! I like eat bugs! Yum, Yum!
Daddy: (looks at Mommy nervously) Do lizards eat bugs?
Lily: yeah. And Lily eat bugs. Yum.

After first successful afternoon nap in her big girl bed:
Lily: I have good nap, Mommy, but I miss you!

Mommy: Lily, you have a choice. Either hurry up and climb the stairs or Mommy's going to carry you. Which one?
Lily: ::bossy voice:: Hold on, Mama! (shakes finger) Patient!

Daddy: I'm a boy. Andrew is a boy. You are a girl. Noni is a girl. Mommy is a girl.
Lily: (points to Daddy) No! You Daddy. Noni is Noni. Mommy is Mommy...and Andrew is him.

Lily: (knocks; talks through door) Are you on the potty?
Noni: Yes, Lily.
Lily: Do you need panties?

And as a bonus:
Andrew runs through the living room, grabs Taevin's toy, takes it and begins to play with it just out of Taevin's reach. Taevin watches Andrew for a moment, then lumbers over to Andrew, grabs the back of Andrew's shirt and body slams him to the floor.
Me: Taevin, I know Andrew took your toy and that wasn't nice, but we can't beat up our friends. Be the better man, Taevin.
Andrew: (runs across the room and punches Taevin) Be a man! (then runs off)

Melissa: So the theme for Halloween this year is The Flintstones.
Chris: I assume Taevin will be Dino.
Melissa: Well, yes. How did you know?
Chris: Pebbles and Bam Bam were obvious.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Little Bean Counters

Today we tried a new activity: Bean Sorting. It's an activity that appears in the majority of my curriculum books and teaches EVERYTHING (shapes, colors, counting, sorting, patterns, table skills like using a spoon, following directions, fine motor skills), basically whatever you need to work on.

We did self-directed play with the beans today--and worked on not putting our toys in our mouth or on the floor--and they LOVED it. The only thing I wish I'd done differently was make sure the Roomba was in working order before we started.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Lily's 2nd Birthday

Thanks Uncle Toph for taking pictures!

Lily's 2nd Birthday
Location: our backyard
Party Games: climbing the skycastle, splashing in the sand & water table, catching Andrew before he climbed IN the sand and water table
Party Favors: giant bouncy balls
Surprise Birthday Present: A the form of Andrew Glenn

Thanks everyone for making Lily's birthday so special!

Best Auntie & Uncle Ever!

Auntie Marnie and Uncle Toph were WONDERFUL enough to have Lily accompany them on their date to the West Texas Fair and Rodeo. Lily was THRILLED and had a fabulous time prancing around the fair in dress up clothes, staring at dragons, petting farm animals and riding both the carrousel & the ferris wheel. Thank you Auntie Marnie and Uncle Toph!!!


Lately, we've been taking a lot more field trips during the day. This introduces us to new people who, after sputtering not-always-nicely-phrased inquiries as to whether the three hooligans I'm leading one place or another are ALL MINE, also inquire as to what we do at home all day. Our schedule goes something like this:

Breakfast then some good old fashioned physical education:

Play with toys and learn life sharing (note: this is not always the happiest portion of our day):

Color quietly or play with puzzles while Auntie Em fixes lunch (quietly is optional):

Naptime! Sometimes sooner than expected:

And by the time we wake up, it's time to pack up. Most days--like today--are great, some days--like last Friday--are a little rough, but I wouldn't trade my tribe of Hairy Hooligans for the world!

His Instructions Were... go directly from the truck to the front door. Instead, he made a very wet detour.

In our defense, it hasn't REALLY rained in Abilene since April, a month in which Andrew would not have been expected to follow directions, much less bypass puddles on the way to the door by himself. We haven't had a lot of opportunity for practice NOT stomping in mud puddles.

Oh well. Off to wash muddy toddler clothes now.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Looks good enough to eat...

...just like Indy.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Our Baby Gets a Big Girl Bed

(this is Em posting from Eric's phone)

Due to increased interest in using the potty (3 successful potty adventures so far!), we have been motivated to finish Lily's toddler bed (which was originally Grand-Da's toddler bed) & install it in Lily's bedroom.

Our original plan was just to build it on the landing so she would get used to seeing it, but she insisted she sleep on her big girl bed TONIGHT! So we dutifully hoisted the bed--and Princess Tigerlily, riding Cleopatra style--into it's new spot.

She insisted that three blankets and five stuffed animals make the bed transition with her. The blanket on top was Mommy's baby blanket.

Fairy Princess Bracelet

In case you can't tell, it's a bandaid. Thanks Grandma for out new jewelry! We LOVE it!

Sometimes you just need a nap...

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Olympic Praying

When telling Lily what to do when someone is praying we told her she needed to fold her hands and close her eyes. We apparently forgot to mention that she shouldn't also perform gymnastics at the same time.