Monday, November 4, 2013

URL Moving

In anticipation of today's new arrival, I am beginning the process of moving this blog to a new URL. All future posts can be found at If you have an RSS feed or other subscription set up, you should move it to the new URL.

I will eventually set this domain to forward to until Lily is old enough to want her own domain back.


Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Recent Artwork

In answer to the bible school question, Lily drew Andrew. We aren't sure why he has so many teeth. 

Twilight Sparkle & Pinky Pie from My Little Ponies in both play dough & ink. 

Former president George W Bush and current president stripes, because that's what ALL the stylish people right on up to Jesus wear in Lily's artwork. 

After she got Glenda in her Happy Meal and demanded to watch Wizard of Oz. 

The remarkable part of this drawing is that the random figure is being plagued by the mosquito pictured in the top left corner. "But Maurice! Why you gotta bite me like that?"

Self portrait--the random dots on her face are freckles. 

At Lowes for a free kids craft day with Daddy. Lowe's provided all the pieces and tools. Daddy provided the thumb to smash--which, remarkably, she only did once before completing her super-cool monster game. They even let her keep her apron and goggles, which she wore proudly all day, proclaiming to everyone she met that she was now a "master builder."

Monday, October 28, 2013

Babies and Fish

Dr. Tadvick has asked us to consider his recommendation of an induction in a week. He leaves for us to discuss.

Daddy: Lily, what do you think? Should we have a baby next week?
Lily: (thinks) I think having a baby would be so so so much more special than having a fish.
Daddy: Ok then...I think Lily's on board.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Lady with Spiky Hair

Upon entering the restroom at Target...

Spiky Haired Woman: Oh honey! When are you due!?
Mommy: November 8.
Spiky Haired Woman: Oh honey! Are you gonna make it!?
Mommy: (Just smiles and walks into stall)
Lily: (loudly) I don't like her hair. It's too spiky!
Mommy: Lily! That's not polite! We should complement people not insult them. If there's something you don't like about someone, find something you DO like. Maybe her shoes or her coat?
Lily: (thinks) I don't like her shoes or her coat either!
Mommy: Well if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all!

...and that's when it occurred to me that I was defending the feelings of a woman who had basically just called me "fat."

Later on, Lily drew Spiky Haired Woman. It's a shockingly accurate likeness.
Well, except for the stripes. See also the bathroom stall on the left, the sink on the right, and the ridiculous amount of mascara. 

Thursday, October 3, 2013

But Why Isn't Jello Here Yet?

Lily: (as we are fixing our tea) Mommy, are you going to share your tea with Jello?
Mommy: Yes Ma'am. Right now I HAVE to share with Jello. 
Lily: When she comes out I'll be ready to share with her too. 

Miss Stephanie: So does Jello have an inedible name yet?
Lily: Yep! It's (censored). But it's a secret. (Thinks a minute) I'm not good at keeping secrets. 

(After Uncle Toph and Auntie Marnie's big announcement that they are also having a baby)
Daddy: Did you hear that!? Auntie Marnie is growing you a cousin! In November, Jello will be born and five months after that, Chili Pepper will be born. 
Lily: FIVE WHOLE MONTHS?!?! ::exasperated sigh::

To the high-school-aged, male cashier at United...
Cashier: How are you doing today?
Lily: (from two feet below the edge of the counter) I'm doing great! I'm getting a baby sister. She's in my mommy's tummy right now, but she's coming out soon. She has a name, but I can't tell you because it's a secret. I don't want to spoil the secret. 
Cashier: (peers over counter and smiles at Lily, a little unsure what to do) Well, congratulations. 

While getting into the truck--where Lily now has to climb by herself because Mommy can't hold her AND reach the truck at the same time due to a really big unborn baby sister...
Lily: Mommy, when you have Jello will you be able to pick things up again?
Mommy: yep
Lily: And bend over again?
Mommy: yep
Lily: and do ALL the motions to the songs in Bible Class?
Mommy: (laughs) Yep. Are you ready for the baby to come?
Lily: Yep. 

The Little Boy and The Bunny Machine

The Little Boy and The Bunny Machine
A Dry Erase Drawing by Lily Lemmons, Age 4

(Explanation as dictated to and 
paraphrased by Mommy)
"On the left is the bunny machine 
and on the right is the little boy. He 
always wanted a house full of bunnies 
but his parents told him no. They didn't 
want to feed them! But he is nice and 
will feed them and pay for the food all
by himself because he's NOT silly like me!"

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Jesus in a Striped Shirt

Lily: I drew Jesus in a striped shirt. Now I'm going to talk to him and tell him about his picture...
::folds hands:: Dear Heavenly Father. I drew you and your striped shirt and the cross you died on but you're still alive in Heaven. Amen.

Mommy: can I take your drawing's picture?
Lily: of course! Are you going to email it to God?
Mommy: Um...I don't know God's email address.

Height Limit for Donuts

Lily: (with a donut in her hand) Did you know I'm not three feet tall yet?
Mommy: Actually, you 39 and 1/2 inches. So you are taller than three feet by three and 1/2 inches.
Lily: *thinks* Does that mean I can have two donuts?!?

Update: (after leaving the donuts unattended for a shower-length time period)
Daddy: so, Lily, what do you want for lunch?
Lily: (standing with hands hidden in the doorway) nothing. 
Daddy: surely you want SOMETHING for lunch. 
Lily: (produces nibbled donut in right hand) I'm eating donuts. (Produces left hand) Here is the empty box. 

(Small consolation: there were only two donuts left in the box)

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Rubber Ducky, You're the One!

Lily's Instructions: draw your favorite bath time toy. 

Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Godfather

Starring Lily Lemmons

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Her Father's Daughter

Lily: I am hungry.
Mommy: What should we do about that?
Lily: We should get me something to eat that is not messy so my hands don't get dirty and I can keep playing on the computer. 

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Favorite Book of the Week: How the Crawfish Got Its Shell

So all kids go through phases where they want you to read ONE book over and over and over and over...

Lily's book of THIS week is: How the Crawfish Got Its Shell, by Cathy Lowry

She's been running around the house doing things and, when asked why she did them, yelling, "Because IIIIIIII'mmmmm a mosquito and thaaaaaaaaaaat's what I do!"

Also, Lily has started appropriately incorporating the Cajun-French exclamations into her vocabulary--which is adorable. She'll be running along, stumble over something and yell, "Oh yi, yi! Ca fait mal," loosely translated, "Ahhhhh! Ahhhhh! It hurts!"  It's hard not to laugh--she's just so cute randomly yelling in French. 

Jello is even getting in on the book action--she IS hearing this book two or three times a day, whether she wants to or not, I don't know why I'm surprised. When she wiggles into a position that is terribly uncomfortable for me, I say , "Jello! Why you got to wiggle like that!?" To which Eric replies on her behalf, "Because IIIIIIIIIIIIIII am a baby and thaaaaaaaaaaaaat's what I do!"

Overall, it's a super-cute book and very appealing to the pre-school crowd if anybody is looking for something different to give their kids as a gift this year.

Past "books of the week" have included:

And the Train Goes, by William Bee

The Little Mouse, The Red Ripe Strawberry, and the Big Hungry Bear, By Don & Audrey Wood

Corduroy, by Don Freeman

Pat the Beastie, by Henrik Drescher

Monday, July 29, 2013

Lilyisms: more Louisiana quotes I forgot to post

Mommy: (over the blaring theme song of Chuggington) Ok, Lily. It's time to go. Do you remember how to turn off the TV?
Noni: Wait! Don't turn it off. Peanut likes to watch TV while we are gone. 
Mommy: Poor Peanut. 
Lily: No! Not poor Peanut! She loves to watch Disney Junior!
Mommy: (as we are walking out the door, Peanut staring at us mournfully) Sorry, Girl. I'd change it to the cooking channel if I thought I'd get away with it. 

Lily: Mommy! I need to tell you something. I am already THREE! And I can't fly a rocket ship yet!
Mommy: I think Little Einstein's has set an unfair example for you. Most other three year olds also can not fly rocket ships. 

Lily: When you get married you aren't a daughter anymore. 
Mommy & Noni: (simultaneously) Oh yes you are!!
Mommy: when you get married you go to live somewhere else with your husband but you're always a daughter. Remember how Auntie Kayla moved out to live with Uncle Kendell? 
Lily: yes but she just kept coming back and coming back. ::Thinks a minute:: She forgot she was married. 

Lily: (comes running into the room) Is everything ok, fine and shipwrecked in here?
Mommy: Shipwrecked?
Lily: It means everything is all clean. 
Mommy: I think you meant ship-shape. Shipwrecked is when your boat is broken. 
Lily: Nope. Shipwrecked. 

Whale Sharks, Sugar Bugs, Emeralds & An Old Lady

Lily: If I fell into a whale shark, I'd turn into food. ::thinks for a second:: But the whale shark would be sick forEVER!

Lily: Mommy! Mommy! The Snack Patrol said candy bars and soda weren't yummy or healthy!
Mommy: I don't suppose there's any way we can just forget the Snack Patrol ever said that, is there?
Lily: But Mommy! I love candy bars and soda!
Mommy: do you remember when the dental hygienist said sugar bugs live in our food and we brush our teeth to get rid of them?
Lily: yes. 
Mommy: well sugar bugs really like candy bars and sodas. They always live in candy bars and sodas. 
Lily: ::very seriously:: But Mommy! Some candy bars are good. And some sodas. 
Mommy: You mean the ones you really like, right?
Lily: (Looks at me fiercely as if she can force me to agree with her using only her eyes) Yes, exactly. I like the ones with m&m's in them. They are healthy and give me lots of energy! 

Lily:  Noni has an Emerald necklace and an Emerald ring. 
Mommy: Noni really likes Emeralds. That's why she named me Emerald. I really like Lilies. That's why I named you Lily.
Lily: I really like mommies. That's why I call you Mommy. 

Lily: Auntie Kayla, why do you have those glasses?
Kayla: Because my eyes don't work so well without them
Lily: Sometimes, when I'm pretending to be an old woman, I wear glasses like that.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

What She Says When Mom's Not Around...

So yesterday, Lily went to VBS without me. In my childhood, unless my mother was my VBS teacher--which was more often than not, VBS was something I did without her. So when we just happened to be in town for VBS at my parents' church, I thought it would be no problem for Lily to just go without me--she genuinely does do things without me frequently. 

I went to pick Lily up at the end of the day and Miss Sheila, a family friend who offered to keep an eye on her for me, said, "Well. I don't know if Lily enjoyed VBS, but I know we all enjoyed having Lily." I didn't know what that meant, exactly, but I thanked her for taking care of Lily and we went home. 

I was certain Lily had learned SOMETHING, as she came home singing The Shark Song and Jesus Loves Swahili. 

This morning at church, I heard the following "accounts" of Lily's adventures:

Bette: I did a bad thing. Lily asked me where you were and I just flippantly said you left. Lily told me, "Oh no! My mama would NEVER leave me!" Then she started to cry. Sheila came over and fixed it, but she was just so insistent in her belief that you were obviously still here. 

Gail: Emerald, your daughter is hilarious! In our class about missionaries, [my husband] Daryl was describing being a sailor. Lily was listening intently and I could tell she was really paying attention and taking things in. Then she leans over and whispers to me, "pirates are sailors. But pirates don't brush their teeth so their teeth turn green as frogs." Then she started studying Daryl again. 

(Side note: when I asked her where they were sailing to Lily told me she didn't know because she was too busy listening)

Amy: Emerald, your daughter is hilarious! She's so decisive and opinionated! I thought she was just like you, but she's not! She's JUST like Grand-Da! She expresses her opinion then argues with you until you agree or give in. Where you know when to quit, she pushes just like him! 

Sheila: Emerald, your daughter is hilarious! The kids were playing tag after lunch, but of course little kids don't have rules--they just run around all crazy until they get tired. At one point, Lily comes over to me and sits down in my lap--which has NEVER happened in the time that I've known her. She says, "Running takes energy. I am out of energy. I need to sit here and recharge." Which she did for the next few minutes. Then she told me she was all charged up and ran off to play tag again. 

Anna: Emerald, your daughter is hilarious!
Emerald: I'm noticing a theme here. 
Anna: At our station, the kids were supposed to color a "child of the world." Lily told me she didn't color, but that she wanted me to do it and do it a certain way. She was very explicit with where she asked me to color what and how she wanted me to do it. I decided it would be best if I just followed her orders. 

Apparently, each person Lily met following that initial realization that I was gone was also grilled for information about my whereabouts. After answering, they all said she stared at them, as if deciding whether to believe them or not. 

I guess next time, I'm attending VBS. 

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Lily's First VBS

Mommy: So what did you learn about?
Lily: God. Oh! And missionaries. We can help them. The missionaries. 
Mommy: How can we help missionaries?
Lily: By putting coins in a box. Or a can!

Mommy: What did you eat for lunch?
Lily: grapes and two cookies. The first one was messy, but the second one was EVEN MESSIER!
Mommy: What a world you live in, that the value of a cookie is determined by how messy it is. 

Friday, July 26, 2013


Within 20 minutes of arriving at Noni & Grand-Da's last night, Grand-Da had Lily correctly operating a Dyson vacuum cleaner and was "overseeing" her progress from a "supervisory" position. 

I must say, she did an excellent job for someone who is 6 inches shorter than the vacuum. 

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

My heart doesn't feel like it anymore.

While reading BOB books with Lily:
Mommy: Ok. It's your turn. You read it to me. 
Lily: I don't want to. 
Mommy: It's ok if you don't know all the words. I'll help you. 
Lily: No, thank you. 
Mommy: I'll give you chocolate if you read the book to me. 
Lily: (immediately starts reading) Mac had a bag...(continues to read book flawlessly. Receives chocolate.) Can we read another book?

After reading the next book:
Mommy: Ok. It's your turn. You read it to me. 
Lily: Will I get chocolate if I read it. 
Mommy: Nope. You can just read it out of the kindness of your heart. 
Lily: My heart doesn't feel like it anymore. 

Monday, July 22, 2013

My milk tastes funny!

Lily: My milk tastes funny.
Mommy: That's odd. My milk tastes just fine. 
Daddy: Let me see that milk. (Takes glass; rummages in fridge; stirs; hands glass back to Lily) Taste it now. 
Lily: (Sips milk. Considers taste with a scientific face) It tastes like...chocolate! Mommy! You forgot to put the chocolate in it!

Spanish Elves

We are watching the first Lord of the Rings. It comes to the scene where Arwen is rushing Frodo to Rivendale while being chased by the Nazgul (for the record, having a three year old who knows what Hobbits and Nazgul are is awesome). Arwen stops and says some words in Elvish and water comes crashing down...

Lily: What's she doing?
Daddy: She's making the water come and take the Nazgul away.
Lily: With her Spanish?

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Shopping for Jello

Lily got to go to the 20 week ultrasound with us and watch the doctor use "the magic wand" to determine Jello's gender. After he was done, Lily made me pull up my shirt and show her my belly to "make sure" Jello was ok and also that my belly was still there.

Afterwards, Lily, Daddy and I went shopping, where Lily helped us pick out Jello's first two outfits that belong only to HER:

Thoughts on naming Jello

This post is from June, when we found out Jello was a girl and were first discussing what to name her. It has been "censored" until now. 

Mommy: ok, Lily.  What do you think we should name Jello?
Lily: Zara. 
Daddy: hey! What about Arwyn?
Lily: nope, Zara. 
Daddy: (to mommy) did you coach her?
Mommy: nope. I gave her a choice and even said Arwyn second to give you the best chance. 
Daddy: are you SURE you wouldn't rather Arwyn. 
Lily: how about Arwyn-Zara?
Mommy: Arwyn Zara Lemmons?
Daddy: no. She said Arwyn-Zara Evangeline Lemmons. With a hyphen. 
Mommy: (frowns) Too long. Ok. I'm going to give you three choices. You tell me which you like best. 
Lily: ok!
Mommy: Zara Evangeline Lemmons. Arwyn Evangeline Lemmons. Arwyn Zara Lemmons. 
Mommy & Daddy: what are you doing!?
Lily: practicing to see which one yells easiest. 

Lily: when I was in your tummy, I could see Jello too. And she is the cutest baby in the world. And I talked to her. 
Mommy: what did you talk about?
Lily: we talked about naming her Zara. Because its a pretty name and I NEED her to be named Zara. And Jello likes it. It's a princess name. I like being a princess. 
Mommy: does Jello like being a princess?
Lily: oh yes! Jello loves being a princess! Just like me!

Mommy: what should Jello's middle name be?
Lily: Queen. 

When will I be an adult?

Lily: When will I be a grown up?
Mommy: what do you consider a grown up?
Lily: an adult. 
Mommy: legally? When you are 18.  You are currently 3. That means you have 15 years to go. 
Lily: I can't wait to be an adult. And be tall. And eat two sprinkled donuts. 
Mommy: is that a perk of being an adult? Eating two sprinkled donuts?
Lily: yep. I like sprinkles. 

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Visiting GG & GPa

We have had the pleasure of getting to visit with Eric's grandparents this week. Within an hour of our arrival, Lily had Joe, who just celebrated his 90th birthday, in the backyard playing ball and using his cane upside down as a golf club. Within an hour of that, she was running (at their suggestion) fully clothed through their sprinklers, shrieking with laughter. 

GPa: (leans down to fiddle with the direction of a sprinkler head)
GG: Joseph! Leave that alone! It's fine how it is!
GPa: Well! The little girl gets to play in the water! I felt left out. 

With GG, Lily got to take her first genuine--not a Zoo train--train ride to Santa Fe. Then GG and GPa took us to Explora, a science museum, where we all got to play with hands-on science stations--and ride in an elevator that was so big, it held a couch and three chairs. It was the favorite "exhibit" for all of us--we rode it several times. 

We also got to see an iMax movie about Monarch butterflies. During the movie, while describing challenges the butterflies face during migration, the film showed a Monarch caterpillar falling into a bed of ants...who proceeded to eat him. Lily was highly distressed and has been on a mission to squish every ant she has seen since. 

GG: You'll have to come visit us again! Maybe next time we can go to the aquarium. 
Lily: and your church?
GG: yep. 
Lily: and play with the dolls with dolls in them?
Entire Table: baffled expressions 
Daddy: Do you mean GG's nesting dolls?
Lily: Yeah!! Each doll has another doll in it. I like that. 

It's been a wonderful trip and we are all sad to go. 

Chatting With Uncle Bob

While visiting GG & GPa, Lily's great grandparents, GG's brother Bob asked to "Skype" with Lily. He said it had been many years since he'd been around young children and he was unsure of what to talk about, but the two of them had quite the conversation anyway. 

Uncle Bob: Can you say super-cali-fragi-listic-expi-ali-docious?
Lily: (who, admittedly, had been coached prior to the call) super-cali-fragi-listic-expi-ali-docious. 
Uncle Bob: what a lot of words for such a little girl!

Uncle Bob: I heard you rode the train to Santa Fe. What was your favorite part of the train ride?
Lily: The bathroom. 
Uncle Bob: Well, I understand that. 

Uncle Bob: How did you get such long beautiful hair?
Lily: It grew. Girls need long hair for the rats to live in. I have lots of rats in my hair, but I can't feel them. I try to leave them alone. (Conspiratorially) They might bite!

Uncle Bob: Do you have a boyfriend?
Lily: no! Ewwww!
Uncle Bob: why not?
Daddy: Because you're not allowed to have a boyfriend until you're thirty. 
Lily: Because I'm not allowed to have a boyfriend until I'm thirty.
Uncle Bob: Could Daddy be your boyfriend?
Lily: No. Not yet. 
Uncle Bob: Oh. Because he's not thirty? 
Lily: Right!

Song Titles of the Day

Recently, Lily delighted our ears with the following selection of self-composed songs:

"You Shouldn't Eat Poisonous Mushrooms"
"Beetles are Bad"
"Never Put a Lizard in Your Eye (Because He Might Breathe Fire" 
"Everything Is Pink" (while in Victorias Secret)
"Flower, Flower, Grow and be Pretty"
"I Won't Tell You Jello's Name (Not Even If You Ask Nicely!)" (this one has a lovely musical bridge of "no's")
"Put A Can on your Head"
"Trains, Trains, Trains!" (Sung loudly for a store-wide audience from inside the restroom of a fancy baby-stuff store)
"One Day I'll Be a Grown-Up" (and My Little Dresses Won't Fit Anymore!)

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Getting Wider

Mommy: (to Lily who is laying down) could you sit up please? (Lily sits up then lays down again on her tummy instead of her back) The point was for you to sit up so I could reach you better. 
Lily: why can't you reach me?
Mommy: because to lean forward, I have to lean around Jello and that's getting harder. 
Lily: why is that getting harder ?
Daddy: because as Jello gets bigger, Mommy gets bigger. 
Lily: and wider?
Daddy: (cackling with laughter) Yep. And wider too. 
Lily: Just like you Daddy! (Daddy stops laughing)

Friday, June 28, 2013

The Princess at Bedtime

On going to bed, three hours past bedtime:
Lily: tell me a story
Mommy: Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess. She was smart and funny and clever and creative and amazing in every way and her mommy loved her very much, just the way she was. 
Lily: (smiles. Snuggles into her favorite blanket Auntie Melissa made her. Hugs her stuffed bunny a little tighter. Closes her eyes.) You may turn off my light now. 

Going to Australia

Noni: I'm moving to Australia. 
Lily: that's not a real place! That's a place in a book! (Referring to Alexander and the  Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day)
Mommy: it is so too a real place! 
Noni: you have a cousin who lives in Australia. His name is LJ. 
Lily: (doubtfully) really?
Mommy: Yep. Do you know what he does for a living?
Lily: (raises one eyebrow) what?
Mommy: he runs a pool business. (Lily is still staring) He cleans pools for a living. 
Lily: Really!? That's exciting. We should go visit him!
Mommy: Ok. When?
Lily: Not tonight. Tonight we go to the water park!!

The Princess and the Toast

Lily (upon 10:25am): good morning. I would like to wait in the living room. 
Mommy: what are you waiting for?
Lily: breakfast, of course. 
Noni: (who is, indeed, cooking the princess cinnamon toast) life at the palace is good. Would you peel me a grape?

While Grand-Da and Noni Argue Over Ripe Peaches...

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Noni, is that a little kid toaster?

I want a cherry vanilla cherry cherry slushy.

(At Sonic)
Grand-Da: I would like a cherry vanilla cherry cherry slushy. 
Noni: do they even make that!?
Grand-Da: they do and you say it just like that, I WANT a cherry vanilla cherry cherry slushy!
Noni: are you sure that's what you want?
Em: you say it just like that and he can be happy with whatever the poor little Sonic employee decides a cherry vanilla cherry cherry slushy is. 
Noni: ok. Lily, what would you like?
Lily: a cherry vanilla cherry cherry slushy. 
Noni: I think Lily & Grand-Da need to be separated. 

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Conversation With Grand-Da:

Lily: if Grand-Da buys me a pony, you can brush it. 
Mommy: if Grand-Da buys you a pony YOU can brush it...and feed it...and scoop its poop...and clean its stall...and take it for walks. 
Lily: that's silly. 
Mommy: I think you better go tell Grand-Da you want a carousel pony instead, before he buys you something we have to feed. 
Lily: (runs to Grand-Da) I want a carousel pony instead. 
Grand-Da: you want a cell phone!?
Lily: no! A caros...a curro...a sella...I want a pony I don't have to feed. 
Grand-Da: wouldn't you rather a cellphone?

Noni, does this work?

Lily: I need to finish my water. 
Grand-Da: would you like some ice?
Lily: yes. I can get it. 
Grand-Da: no you can't. 
Lily: Yes I can! I'm a big girl!
Grand-Da: I'm telling you, no you can't. 
Lily: Yes! I! Can!
Grand-Da: where are you going to get it from?
Lily: (points to the ice maker in the refrigerator door)
Grand-Da: nope. It's broken. 
Lily: (thinks) (yells) Noni!? Is the ice maker really broken!?
Grand-Da: you don't believe me? Try it. 
Lily: (tries it. Two ice cubes fall out. Grand-Da is shocked.) See?

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Lilyisms: Disney Vacation Edition

Last week, Lily made her first trip to Disney World. While there, I kept a running blog post per day of all the cute and funny things she said. I will post each day individually. If you only want to read a few, my favorite days are the Magic Kingdom days and Day 7.  Enjoy! --Em

Friday, June 14, 2013

Day 7: Rinse and Repeat at the Airport

While waiting for our flight:
Lily: Mommy!! Andrew stole my gum!
Mommy: (knowing she has not given either child any gum) What gum?
Lily: this gum! (Holds up clenched fist)
Mommy: open your fist.
Lily: (opens other fist)
Mommy: open both fists. 
Lily: I AM!!
Daddy: Lily, show your mother both hands. She wants to determine if you have real gum or imaginary gum so she can determine if she needs to beat you or not. 
Mommy: Well, when you say it like that, they definitely won't open their hands!

Em: (Said surprisingly calmly) Andrew, right now we need to have our boarding passes ready so we can board the plane. Also, I need you to hold my hand and stop licking my arm. 
Eric: **blood curdling scream** Lily, it's bad enough I have to hold your hand after you spent the last thirty minutes scraping gum, piece by piece, from the bottom of the airport chairs. Do you REALLY have to lick my arm too! (Puts hand to forehead) Duuuuuuuuuuude!
Uncle Toph: (looks at Marnie happily) No kids! High five!!

Marnie: (watches Eric and Emerald try to wrangle and calm the two slobbering heathen  children and mold them back into respectable citizens capable of handing boarding passes to flight attendants. Smiles gleefully while holding her own boarding pass)
Em: (to Marnie) There is a thought bubble over your head. In it, I hear the hyenas from Lion King singing, "No kids, no kids, la, la, la, la, la, la! Tee hee hee hee hee hee hee!"
Marnie: Funny! That's exactly what I was really thinking!

Eric: Why do I feel like we've had more "Duuuuuuuuuuude!" moments today, than any other day. 
Em:'s "Day 7: Rinse and Repeat at the Airport Day?"
Eric: Now I know why God REALLY rested on the 7th day. (Looks at Lily and Andrew) Adam and Eve must have really been something! (Pretending to be God) "No! Stop that! You did what!? Really!? You ate the apple!? No, it was not just her fault! Duuuuuuuuuuuude!"

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Day 6: Last Day! Magic Kingdom again

At Breakfast with Mary Poppins:

Mad Hatter: (to another family) You're going to EPCOT today? You know that EPCOT stands for Every Person Leaves Tired, right!?

Mad Hatter: ahh! That one looks dangerous! (Points to Andrew who is holding a butter knife menacingly) Can I take a picture with you, Butter Knife?
Q: And THAT is Andrew's new nickname. 

Q: Meet me outside the bathroom. 
Andrew: Where is Q?
Cookie: he went on the potty ride. 
Andrew: (considers this) I go potty ride?
Cookie: yep. But you have to leave your book. This is a water ride. 

After viewing Philharmagic ride:
Daddy: was that cool?
Lily: No!! was aMAZEing!!!

After viewing Storytime with Belle (in which Uncle Toph played the role of a knight and Lily played the role of Chip):
Mommy: those casting choices could  not have been more perfect!
Auntie Marnie: I know. Especially Lily! (Mimicking Chip's line from the movie:) "But I'm not sleepy!"
Lily: (from Uncle Toph's shoulders) Me neither!!

On Main Street:
Mommy: Lily, I need to go potty. Do...
Lily: (Interupts) I DO NOT NEED TO GO POTTY!
Mommy: Oh, Lily! Before Jello comes, you're going to get awfully tired of me saying that, huh?
Lily: No. I'm just tired. 

Daddy: Are you ok?
Lily: No! I want to be back at the hotel, and take a bath, and cool off, and put on my watch, and go back outside, and get some fresh air, and THEN I'll be good.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Disney: Day 3, Animal Kingdom & swimming at hotel

While watching a plane fly over the pool:
Lily: look at its sparkly tail feather!!

Disney: Day 5, Hollywood Studios

After dancing in a parade with Stich:
Lily: Lilo's dog took me for a walk!!

At the Indiana Jones stunt show:
(Harrison Ford's stunt double enters from a rope through the ceiling, dodges the booby traps, switches the bag of sand for the priceless artifact, and runs from the giant boulder)
Lily: hey! That guy did the same stuff as Daring Do on My Little Ponies in the episode where Rainbow Dash breaks her wing and has to read. Except Daring Do is faster than the boulder. 

(Stunt Doubles for Indy and Marion race to escape Nazi soldiers and a burning plane. I look down and Lily's hands are over her face)
Mommy: Lily, it's ok! They're just pretending. Indy and Marion will be alright. 
Lily: (distressed voice) I know. But I broke a nail! (shows me broken nail; rips off broken nail; smiles at me) But its ok. I fixed it. 

Meeting Phineas and Ferb!!!!!!

On the way to Fantasmic:
Toph: (to Emerald, about Eric and Jarrod) Why are they moving so fast!!? Don't they remember you're pregnant and I'm lazy?

After seeing Fantasmic (which is a live pyrotechnic show):
Lily: That movie was FUN!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Disney: Day 4, Epcot

At 7:30am, while still asleep:
Lily: **giggles manically for about 45 minutes**
At 8:30am, finally awake:
Daddy: what were you dreaming about?
Lily: Chocolate dress!! ** giggles manically again**

At Nemo and Friends:
Lily: why are the seagulls so rude?
Mommy: because they are hungry. I know I have trouble being polite when Im hungry. Do you have trouble being polite when you're hungry?
Lily: nope!

At Marrakesh, in the World Showcase at Morocco, Lily got to dance with a Belly Dancer. 

Trying on a Moroccan hat. 

In "England," meeting Alice!!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Disney: Day 2, Magic Kingdom

After riding Thunder Mountain Railroad...
Lily: why are we going slow now?

To Cinderella:
Lily: what happened to your finger?
Cinderella: I burned it cooking for the Prince. Can I tell you a secret?
Lily: uh-huh!
Cinderella: I'm not a very good cook. 
Lily: my mommy is a good cook!

While eating lunch at Cinderella's Castle, Princess Aurora comes by. She starts talking to Lily. 
Aurora: Is this your Prince Charming? (Looks at Andrew, who is chewing his broccolini like a giraffe eating a tree...not very prince-like...she looks back at Lily)
So...your dress is pretty.

While riding Pirates of the Caribbean...
Lily: I think those are plastic pirates. 

At 11:30pm after a 15 hour day with no nap...
Mommy: is it bedtime?
Lily: not until I ride the boat!...but I'm going to fall asleep on the boat. 
(She did.)

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Disney: Day 1, First Time on an Airplane

Today, we left for DISNEY WORLD!!! And as such, this warranted rides on a variety of new-to-Lily public transportation, not limited to but including her first time on an airplane!!!

Lily, Jello and Andrew on the train that circles the airport. 

Uncles Q and Toph taking pity on the children and carrying their bags. 

Lily, Andrew and Uncle Q playing at the airport playground (hallelujah for airport playgrounds!!).

Alas, it was a long day. Andrew made it on the plane before he fell asleep. 

Lily made it until the engines turned on.