Thursday, August 11, 2011

Lily's Portrait of Grand-Da

Lily sat down with Grand-Da at the table this morning and demanded a pen. Grand-Da provided it and a doctor's bill for her to deface and Lily proceeded to "color."

When asked what she was coloring, Lily thought for a moment and replied, "I'm coloring Grand-Da."

See the resemblance?

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Look Mom, no blades!

Lily Grand-Da and Noni testing the new Dyson bladeless fan.

Driving Miss Lily

Lily has discovered the hardware store...the land of milk and honey...the only store we've ever been to where the shopping carts look like this:

Lake Charles is so much more fun than Abilene!! Lily had a blast, Grand-Da was going to the hardware store anyway, and Mommy didn't even have to pay for this kind of fun!!

Top it off with a trip to the park AND to Orange Leaf (Abilenians: think Nikki's), and it was a perfect day!