Thursday, December 20, 2012


Singing to herself...
Lily: Father Abraham has too many sons. Too many sons has Father Abraham...

Lily (to Andrew): Yo ho ho! Merry Christmas!! (Leans in conspiratorially) That's what pirates say.

Lily: I'm tie-uhd.
Daddy: I don't know what tie-uhd means. Are you tired?
Lily: no! I'm tie-uhd!
Daddy: define tie-uhd.
Lily: tie-uhd is when you need to go home to watch one episode of Jake and the Neverland Pirates THEN go potty and go to bed.

(Lily and Andrew received suckers from the pharmacy, immediately unwrapped them and put them in their mouths )
Lily: I have a blue sucker. What color sucker does Andrew have?
Mommy: (looks down at wrappers to see one blue wrapper for Lily and one purple wrapper for Andrew) purple.
Lily: (giggles) nope! Red! (Elbows Andrew who removes the sucker from his mouth to prove its red they both giggle)
Mommy: (looks from one giggling, mischievous child to the other) I stand corrected.

Lily: I am NOT "prick sauce!"
Andrew: un huh!
Lily: Mommy!!!! Andrew is calling me "prick sauce!" I am not "prick sauce!!" I am Trixie!
Andrew: nope.
Lily: MOMMY!!!!!
Mommy: Lily, he's not saying "prick sauce," he's calling you a "princess."
Lily: (looks sheepish) ohhhhhhh. THAT I am.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Lily-isms: Variety Pack

(Singing to herself)
Lily: Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle all the way. Going for the Walrus store in a one horse open sleigh. Hey!

After buying Lily & Andrew matching Tummy Tickler juice bottles...
Lily: Mommy? Did you write our names on our juice bottles?
Mommy: Yes, ma'am.
Lily: That's AMAZING! Mommy? You're a genius!

After work...
Daddy (to Mommy): So, was Lily good today?
Mommy (holds out hand and indicated imaginary orb): do you see this? Right here? In my hand? THIS is my LAST nerve.
Lily: Your LAST nerve? Mommy? Can I have it, please? (After shock wears off, mommy hands imaginary nerve to Lily who pops it in her mouth and smiles)...I ate it.

When Andrew tried to steal Lily's nose medicine...
Lily: "Andrew Glenn Jerrick Lemmons! You have to believe us! You don't get to open things."

The end of an informative to Mommy conversation about piercings...
Auntie Kayla: my belly button ring is off (meaning crooked) because it got ripped out.
Lily: Your belly button is off!? Can I see it!?

Lily: Uncle Kendell? Do you have hair?
Kendell: No, Lily, I don't have any hair.
Lily: Grandpa doesn't have any hair either! (Giggles)

(Upon waking up after a sleepover with Mommy and Daddy in Lily's room)
Mommy: I'm awfully hungry. This baby arm sure does look tasty. (Pretends to eat Lily's arm)
Lily: No! (Giggles) I'm not edible!
Daddy: but you do look so tasty! Just a little nibble (pretends to eat Lily's other arm)
Lily: (giggles) I need a sister.
Mommy: why do you need a sister? So we will eat her instead of you?
Lily: Nope. So she can help me.
Mommy: You mean so the two of you could gang up on us?
Lily: Yup.
Mommy (to Daddy): I think Lily feels outnumbered.
Lily: Yup.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Truth in the Tinsel, Day 2: Zechariah

Today's Verse: Luke 1:5-25 (note: reading 20 verses from the bible to 3-year-olds is not smart. Tried the children's version of the bible and not only did it NOT hold their attention, but it also left out the part about Zechariah doubting Gabriel and the angel causing Zechariah to be unable to speak because of his disbelief...which is the main point of making this ornament! Frustration!)

Today's ornament: Zechariah, so that when we look at him we remember to believe what God says, no matter how impossible it seems.

Today's supplies: paint pens from when I made ornaments for Kayla and Marnie, silver ornaments from an after Christmas sale two years ago, the tiny band aids I never use because they are too small for any possible injury I could inflict on myself, and beads from a bible class Jen Arnel and I taught our junior year of college. Score 2 pts for personal goal!

Funny Moments:

Me: What vision did Zechariah see in the temple?
Lily: balloons and cake!

Me: what good news did the angel Gabriel have for Zechariah and his wife Elizabeth?
Andrew: a SWORD!!!!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Truth in the Tinsel, Day 1: Light

Auntie Melissa discovered this really cool advent project called Truth in the Tinsel, where the kids get to read a different passage of the bible each day and make a corresponding Christmas ornament. We both decided to do it with the kids this year and see how it goes. She plans on doing the project each day with Taevin, while our schedule only allows for about 13 days, days give or take 1.

I'm really excited about doing something different in addition to the Sing Spell Read and Write color unit we've been doing (this is week 9 of 11), and also about having a scheduled craft for each day. I feel like we don't do nearly enough organized art around here.

Also, it's a personal goal of mine to only use things from around the house for this project. Today's craft: leftover black card stock from an art project my junior year of college, tissue paper from Lily's baby shower, and craft paper I bought at the after Christmas sale while terribly hormonal having just found out I was pregnant with Lily. Apparently, hormones can convince me I like scrap booking.

Yesterday, we made pretty paper chain garlands to hang our ornaments from and today we made our first ornament: a silhouette of a candle representing Jesus as the light of the world (text: Isaiah 9:2-8). Today's verse was boring for 3-year-olds, but they LOVED the craft and they turned out SO CUTE!