Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Billy Goat Lily

Lily's thoughts:

I am hungry.

I should find something to eat.

Hmmmnnn, Daddy's mail looks tasty.

Taevin is not amused.

Taevin's thoughts:

Silly Lily! Mail is for grownups, milk is for babies.

In fact, I feel a grumbly in my tumbly...


  1. Of course he's hungry, that bottle is almost empty! :P

    And it's my opinion that you have a Lily Goat. :D

  2. That's pun-ishing (but cute).

    Emerald, we cracked up at the disgruntled Taevin picture!!!! He looks like Winston Churchill!

    You are a great sport.

    Mama should be home soon! PTL!