Saturday, July 31, 2010

My first trip to Menard

A few days before we left for Tucson, Lily and I made a small detour to Menard to visit the Pierce family. Kalyn (now Gensic) was one of my best friends from college and is due to have a baby boy in October. So, we went down to visit and bring presents.

While we were there, Lily creatively mastered her inferior height...

...attempted to make friends with the locals...

...alas, she failed with Abby, but she made up for it with Miss Loveta. After playing with Lily, Miss Loveta has officially canceled Thanksgiving for her family because she now knows she'll be too distracted playing with new Baby Gensic to cook anything.

...Lily learned to play "patty cake"...

...and she ate her first heaping helping of Mr John's brisket and stewed squash. Both were "mmnnn good!" And she let Mommy know she wanted more loudly and frequently, so frequently, I wasn't sure I'd get any myself!

Overall, it was a great trip and neither of us can wait to go back!! Even if it means sitting in the car seat for a few hours--which is saying something for Lily!

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