Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Rapanzel Hair

Lily: I'm not gonna cut my hair. It's gonna grow longer and longer and longer! Like Tangled's (read: Rapunzel) hair!
Mommy: that will make Grand-Da very happy. He always wanted my hair to look like Rapunzel's. (Technically, he wanted my hair to look like Crystal Gayle's, but Lily doesn't know who that is yet.)
Lily: no he didn't!
Mommy: yes he did. The longer then better. But when it got long enough to be consistently caught in my school chair I got angry and chopped it all off.
Lily: (considers this for a moment). When you chop off your hair and become a mean mommy, I'll still love you.
Mommy: well, thank you, but I think I can be a nice mommy even if I cut my hair.
Lily: oh good. I want you to stay the nicest mama ever!

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