Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Dinosaur Lily-isms

Older Lady in Walmart: Why, you are so pretty, you look just like a movie star!
Lily: I am NOT a movie star! I am a triceratops!

(While driving)
Mr. Jeremy, Daddy's grammar-Nazi friend: So, I heard you like dinosaurs. I like dinosaurs too. My favorite is the Brachiosaur.
Lily: Mr. Jeremy! It's not a Brachiosaur! It's a Brachiosaurus!
Mr. Jeremy: You are quite right quite right, Lily. I corrected.

(Lily plays a game where she tells you what type of dinosaur she thinks you are. While on vacation last weekend, she met a childhood friend of her daddy's for the first time. He is ex-military and has a playful, macho personality)
Mommy: What kind of dinosaur is Mr. Dustin?
Mr. Dustin: Am I a T-Rex? (makes motions pretending to be a T-Rex)
Lily: No.
Kayla: I'm a T-Rex! A rompin' stompin' T-Rex!
Lily: (giggling) Yes!
Mommy: Is he a Velociraptor like Mommy?
Lily: (giggling as Dustin pretends to be a Velociraptor) No.
Mommy: is he an Ankylosaurus like Mr. Tomas?
Mr. Dustin: I always liked the Ankylosaurus!
Lily: Nope.
Mommy: Is he a Brachiosaurus like Mr. Jeremy?
Lily: No.
Marnie: is he a Triceratops?
Lily: No.
Kayla: Stegosaurus?
Lily: No.
Mommy: Is he a Pteranodon like Daddy?
Lily: (more giggles) No.
Marnie: Well, is he a dinosaur at all?
Lily: Yep!
(all adults think through mental episodes of Dinosaur Train, trying to come up with additional dinosaurs she would know)
Mommy: I've got it! Is he an Archaeopteryx?
Lily: YES!
Mr. Dustin: (looks confused, leans over to Mommy) What is an Archaeopteryx?
Mommy: (giggling) A small, feathered bird-like dinosaur with wings but is unable to fly.
Mr. Dustin: (visibly deflated) Oh.

(upon waking up in the morning)
Lily: I'm hungry like a Pteranodon, not a Triceratops.
Mommy: Really? What does that mean?
Lily: Triceratops eat leaves. Yuck. Leaves are not good for me. Pteranodons eat fish. I like fish...GOLDfish. (grins and looks hopeful)

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