Saturday, July 14, 2012

Rescuing Daddy's Car

About a month ago, Eric's car broke down. It was a minor issue and has since been repaired, but it required Lily and I to rescue the car from "bad guys" in the Schlotzky's parking lot and ferry it to the car doctor at DJ's 5-Star Auto.

Mommy: we have to rescue Daddy's car.
Lily: From bad guys?
Mommy: Yep. From bad guys.
Lily: I'll get my sword! (pulls out imaginary sword)
Mommy: we need a different kind of tool to fight these bad guys. We need a tow rope instead of a sword.
Lily: ok! Let's get one.
(we drive to O'Reilly Auto Parts; Lily marches in and up to the counter)
Lily to the sales clerk: I need a tow rope.
Sales Clerk, peering over the tall counter to see Lily: What kind of tow rope do you need?
Lily: Well the kind that tows cars of course!

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