Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Etcher, Gotchee & Laashy Made Me Do It!

After an hour of listening to Lily play instead of nap, I went upstairs and in to her room. After settling in together in her story chair...

Mommy: Why aren't you sleeping, Lily?
Lily: Well, at first I was sleeping, but then there was the new family.
Mommy: What new family?
Lily: The new family in my room. Their names are Etcher, Gotchee, and Laashy. (She leans in, conspiratorially) They talked to me.
Mommy: What did they say?
Lily: (whispers) They said I should run around my room and play with all this I did. (she gives me a grin)
Mommy: Well could you please tell Etcher, Gotchee & Laashy to find another place to play so that you can nap?
Lily: Yep! I'll tell them to go to Andrew's room!

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