Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Birds and the Bees and the Giraffes

(while at the Zoo yesterday)

Lily: Daddy, Daddy! Did you know the giraffes names are Asha and Punk? (information acquired from the poor PA system on the Zoo train; not necessarily accurate)
Daddy: Nope.
Lily: Daddy, Daddy! Did you know both the giraffes are girls?
Daddy: Nope.
Mommy (and I'm still not sure what possessed me to say this) Lily, Lily! Did you know that the Zoo is raising money to acquire a boy giraffe from another zoo?
Lily: (looks puzzled) Why would they do that?
Mommy: Well, if the boy giraffe likes either Asha or Punk they can get married and make baby giraffes.
Lily: (thinks for a minute, then says excitedly) Can we!!?
Mommy: (shares horrified look with Daddy) Can we what, honey?
Lily: Can we give the Zoo the money to buy a boy giraffe so Asha and Punk can make giraffes babies!? Can we please?

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