Thursday, October 3, 2013

But Why Isn't Jello Here Yet?

Lily: (as we are fixing our tea) Mommy, are you going to share your tea with Jello?
Mommy: Yes Ma'am. Right now I HAVE to share with Jello. 
Lily: When she comes out I'll be ready to share with her too. 

Miss Stephanie: So does Jello have an inedible name yet?
Lily: Yep! It's (censored). But it's a secret. (Thinks a minute) I'm not good at keeping secrets. 

(After Uncle Toph and Auntie Marnie's big announcement that they are also having a baby)
Daddy: Did you hear that!? Auntie Marnie is growing you a cousin! In November, Jello will be born and five months after that, Chili Pepper will be born. 
Lily: FIVE WHOLE MONTHS?!?! ::exasperated sigh::

To the high-school-aged, male cashier at United...
Cashier: How are you doing today?
Lily: (from two feet below the edge of the counter) I'm doing great! I'm getting a baby sister. She's in my mommy's tummy right now, but she's coming out soon. She has a name, but I can't tell you because it's a secret. I don't want to spoil the secret. 
Cashier: (peers over counter and smiles at Lily, a little unsure what to do) Well, congratulations. 

While getting into the truck--where Lily now has to climb by herself because Mommy can't hold her AND reach the truck at the same time due to a really big unborn baby sister...
Lily: Mommy, when you have Jello will you be able to pick things up again?
Mommy: yep
Lily: And bend over again?
Mommy: yep
Lily: and do ALL the motions to the songs in Bible Class?
Mommy: (laughs) Yep. Are you ready for the baby to come?
Lily: Yep. 

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