Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Lily in Tucson

Several weeks back Lily took a trip out to Tucson for Aunt Marnie's wedding to now Uncle Toph. She said it was hot and the cactus had funny names like Saguaro and Ocotillo.

 But she posed for some pictures anyway.

She then had a chance to go to Agua Caliente Park, just to see if Arizona really had water, where she had fun watching the ducks.

At other times during the week she got to play admire Grandma's doll collection,

and play with Grandpa, 


and eat some Eegees, visit the Apple Store, and find some riding turtles!


She also got to hide amongst the flowers after Aunt Marnie's wedding.

All in all it was a very busy week, but she had lots of fun and looks forward to playing with Grandma and Grandpa again in a few weeks!

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