Wednesday, August 25, 2010

5-Card Poker on Saturday Night, church on Sunday morning

So on our return from Tucson, Starcraft II came out and we decided to be nice to Daddy and use its release as an excuse to visit Noni. So over the (Sabine) river and through the (piney) woods to Lake Charles Mommy, Auntie Julia, Andrew and I went. And we had some ADVENTURES while we were there!

First, I explored a dangerous pit of baby-swallowing orbs...


Then I captured a magical potion for Auntie Marnie...

Then I practiced my stealth skills on Grandda's safe...


Unfortunately for me, its contents are still secure and I need more practice...Christmas?

Then I was SUPER brave and explored in the Cutlass Cave, home of the super quiet plate-licker and his collection of table bangers...


After that, I convinced Auntie Julia to read us a story and Peanut listened in. She's and avid reader AND baby-slurper!

The next morning I used my wily charm and convinced Noni to give me a sip of her tea...from a real china teacup!


It was mmmmnnn good!!

Later that day, Mommy, Auntie Julia and Noni took us to the beach to take pictures. We even got to go in the water!


Then we went on a gator hunt...came to a tall fence...can't go around it...can't go through it...have to stare over it...

The next day, we went shopping at the outlet mall. Grandda and I played lots of games while everyone else was shopping:


"Grizzly Bear" ( ...please be very quiet, if you wake him, if you shake him he gets very MAD!)

"This little piggy"


Where is Lily?

Where is Lily?

Where could she be?

There she is! That Grandda is a funny guy!

Then, the most fabulous part of the trip. Noni and Grandda took us out for a feast!


All Andrew got was cow...

But I got shrimp and crab and crawfish and all kinds of deep- fat-fried Louisiana goodness...

And poor Noni got the bill...

Then, in typical Grandda fashion, we went to Walmart. As he always says, "a day without Walmart is a day without sunshine."

And lastly, we visited Noni's friends in the Cradle Roll class at church. Miss Paula and Miss Julia took care of us!


And then it was time to go home. But neither Andrew nor I can't wait to go back to Noni and Grandda's house!!!

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