Friday, August 27, 2010

Nephew watching

With the recent start of school, Lily has been spending a lot more time with cousins Andrew and Taevin. We've been hanging out in Lily's room which is perfect for napping, romping and playing...

And tunneling...

Also, we can take fieldtrips now. Auntie Marnie and Auntie Em field-tested the process yesterday with a trip to Khols...

"MARNIE'S twins" or "triplets" got MORE comments! The most prevalent of which were, "Now which baby belongs to which mommy?", and "I wish someone would pull me by wagon!"

Thanks Grandma & Grandpa for our triple-travel-system!!!


  1. Cute!!! I kept two extras when my firstborn was an infant. We'd walk the dog with two olders in the double stroller and the youngest in the front-pack carrier. Good times!

  2. I love your innovation. And I'm glad the wagon is working well. I figure eventually Lily will use it to transport her dolls and stuffed animals or maybe Claire or Indy :)

  3. I feel so guilty. I had a birthday card for Lily, and I totally forgot to mail it. I blame it on the pregnancy hormones making me even more forgetful than my Pierce genes had already rendered me. But I did think about her cute little self on Saturday. Give her a belated birthday hug from me.