Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Dinosaur Wants a Cookie Too!

Lily: Mommy! A Slide!
Me: Yep.
Lily: Dinosaur wants to slide.
Me: Really? Is that so?
Lily: Yep. (pause for effect) Lily wants to slide too!


Lily: Dinosaur wants to eat.
Mommy: Really? What does Dinosaur want to eat.
Lily: A hot dog (pronounced dawg). Dinosaur wants a hot dog.
Me: Are you sure Dinosaur wouldn't like to go home for Mac 'n cheese?
Lily: No cheese! Dinosaur wants hot dog (pause for effect) and Lily wants hot dog too.

After much insistence, Dinosaur was given half of Lily's hot dog and a place at the table. We--and Dinosaur--finished our lunch and headed for home.

In the truck I heard:

Lily: Dinosaur wants a cookie.
Me: ::sigh:: I'm noticing a pattern here.


  1. Smart girl! I need to get myself a little dinosaur. "Dinosaur wants ice cream. (pause) Kayla wants ice cream, too!"

  2. And Andy's dinosaur would like Lobster Thermodore or Crab Imperial.

  3. Noni's dinosaur wants STEAK!!!!!!!

  4. I just woke up an almost asleep two year old laughing at these pictures! Go lilly go! dinosaur wants the new camaro.....long pause and big sweet eyes looking up....auntie kayla wants the new camaro too! (sigh) with her skill so far, i might end up borrowing the camaro from dinosaur/lily