Friday, September 16, 2011

Bonding time with Claire Bailey

Since the day we brought Lily home from the hospital, Little Lady Claire has adored her. And what's not to adore, especially for a dog with a keen nose and a desire to consume the "stankiest" un-edibles possible? Unfortunately for Claire, Lily doesn't see the finer points of being dog-licked from head to toe or having her sippy cups stolen and turned to confetti in the backyard. So, up to this point, Claire still adores Lily, but they really aren't friends.

Lily discovered, however, that, unlike Mommy, Claire actually enjoys being brushed by Lily. Claire actually listened to Lily every time Lily demanded she sit, and stayed to have her belly scratched and her fix of attention from Lily, two years (in Claire's mind) overdue.

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