Saturday, September 24, 2011

Lily-isms Volume 2

On a Sunday morning, on the way to church:
Eric: Do you know where we are going Lily?
Lily: We go to DOUGHNUTS!

At her own birthday party:
Eric: Lily, would you like to open your presents now?
Lily: No. I want a cookie!

On the playground with the boys:
Andrew: (excited voice) Lily!!
Lily: No! MISS Lily!

At Cracker Barrel with Aunties Marnie and Julia:
Marnie: (telling story)
Lily: No Marnie talking! Lily talking! Lily talking to Mommy!

At Cracker Barrel with Aunties Marnie & Julia:
Lily: Where Noni go?
Mommy: She's at home.
Lily: No, Noni in the cup.
Mommy: Are you drinking tea with Mommy, like Noni does?
Lily: Uh-huh. Where Grand-Da?
Mommy: He's home with Noni.
Lily: No. Not home. They in the phone!

Marnie sniffs the air and wrinkles her nose. Eric and Emerald look at each other, silently arguing over who will change the child's diaper.
Eric: Lily, who do you want to change your diaper?
Lily: (looks around the room) Want Aunt Marnie change diaper!!
Eric: (as Auntie Marnie reluctantly takes the child upstairs) We couldn't have trained her to say that!

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