Saturday, September 17, 2011

Lily-isms (volume 1)

Now that Lily has honed her ability to communicate, I'd like to steal an idea from my friend Andie's blog and share some of the ridiculous (or cute) things she says.

At Olive Garden over dinner:
Daddy: Lily, who is in charge here? Lily or Mommy?
Lily: (looks at me) Mommy...(she pauses for effect) charge! No charge Mommy!

At lunch with the boys:
Me: eat your food, please, Lily.
Lily: Dat not food, Mommy. Dat strawberries.

As mommy walks by Claire holding a dirty diaper:
Claire: (at attention, ears perked up, tracking the diaper with her eyes)
Lily: uh-uh, Claire! No! Don't eat it! Eeeeeeewwwwwwww!
Claire: (puts nose back on paws and sighs)

On the day we had our triple doctor appointment, I asked Lily if she would like to go to the doctor.
Lily: Yes, Mommy, I go to doctor.
Me: ok. Let's go. (I set Taevin down, from my lap to the floor, to get our things ready to go)
Taevin: maniacal wailing
Lily: mommy? Make Taevin go to doctor too!

Lily sneezes. She looks around, but no one says anything.
Lily: Bless you, Me!!

Cookie and Andrew are riding with us in the truck.
Cookie: Lily, you're beautiful.
Andrew: ::squeals with displeasure::
Cookie: Andrew, you're beautiful too. (Andrew smiles)
Lily: No, no Cookie! Beautiful Me!!

At Cracker Barrel, while looking at the toys, Lily spies a pair of black glasses with bushy eyebrows and a big nose attached.
Lily: ::pointing at glasses:: Grandpa!!
(at which point, several patrons and staff members all crack up and run to tell their friends what the little girl said)

Grandma Jan showed up for Lily's birthday visit with a stress fracture in her foot and, consequently, wearing a "boot" to help it heal.
Grandma: Good morning! How is Lily?
Lily: Where other shoe go?

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