Friday, October 21, 2011

Lilyisms, Vol. 3

Lily: Want apple juice please!
Mommy: we don't have any apple juice.
Lily: where it go?
Mommy: in our tummies
Lily: not on our tummies, in the gator!
Mommy: in the GATOR?
Lily: No! In the GATOR!
Mommy: (thinks for a minute) In the REFRIGERATOR?
Lily: Yeah. The gator!

Lily: We go to Beach! Yay!
Mommy: (looks around parking lot) Lily, what beach? Mommy doesn't see any beach.
Lily: (exasperated) Right THERE, Mommy! (points to sign) H-E-BEACH!

Lily: Want bible please.
Mommy: We don't have a bible in the truck.
Daddy: While I am proud you want a bible, Mommy and Daddy are not wizards. We can not produce bibles from thin air.
Lily: (thinks for a minute) Lizards go outside.

Lily: Bugs! I like eat bugs! Yum, Yum!
Daddy: (looks at Mommy nervously) Do lizards eat bugs?
Lily: yeah. And Lily eat bugs. Yum.

After first successful afternoon nap in her big girl bed:
Lily: I have good nap, Mommy, but I miss you!

Mommy: Lily, you have a choice. Either hurry up and climb the stairs or Mommy's going to carry you. Which one?
Lily: ::bossy voice:: Hold on, Mama! (shakes finger) Patient!

Daddy: I'm a boy. Andrew is a boy. You are a girl. Noni is a girl. Mommy is a girl.
Lily: (points to Daddy) No! You Daddy. Noni is Noni. Mommy is Mommy...and Andrew is him.

Lily: (knocks; talks through door) Are you on the potty?
Noni: Yes, Lily.
Lily: Do you need panties?

And as a bonus:
Andrew runs through the living room, grabs Taevin's toy, takes it and begins to play with it just out of Taevin's reach. Taevin watches Andrew for a moment, then lumbers over to Andrew, grabs the back of Andrew's shirt and body slams him to the floor.
Me: Taevin, I know Andrew took your toy and that wasn't nice, but we can't beat up our friends. Be the better man, Taevin.
Andrew: (runs across the room and punches Taevin) Be a man! (then runs off)

Melissa: So the theme for Halloween this year is The Flintstones.
Chris: I assume Taevin will be Dino.
Melissa: Well, yes. How did you know?
Chris: Pebbles and Bam Bam were obvious.

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