Monday, October 10, 2011


Lately, we've been taking a lot more field trips during the day. This introduces us to new people who, after sputtering not-always-nicely-phrased inquiries as to whether the three hooligans I'm leading one place or another are ALL MINE, also inquire as to what we do at home all day. Our schedule goes something like this:

Breakfast then some good old fashioned physical education:

Play with toys and learn life sharing (note: this is not always the happiest portion of our day):

Color quietly or play with puzzles while Auntie Em fixes lunch (quietly is optional):

Naptime! Sometimes sooner than expected:

And by the time we wake up, it's time to pack up. Most days--like today--are great, some days--like last Friday--are a little rough, but I wouldn't trade my tribe of Hairy Hooligans for the world!

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