Thursday, March 8, 2012

I don't like his hypothesis!

(When Andrew attempted to put the wooden train's smokestack on the caboose instead of the engine)
Lily: No, no, no! That doesn't go there.
Mommy: it's ok, Lily. He can play with it however he wants.
Lily: but thats not where it goes!!! (said with tears, wailing and gnashing of teeth)
Mommy: Andrew is like Buddy from Dinosaur Train. He has a theory that the smokestack will fit on the caboose. Now he has to test it by experimenting--by trying to put the smokestack on the caboose. That's how he will learn it doesn't go there.
Lily: ::sniff:: I don't like his hypothesis!

And they say children learn nothing from tv.

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