Monday, March 5, 2012

Welcome Baby Kelton!***

As of last week, Taevin has been bringing his much-awaited baby brother to play with us during our days. We were a little worried how a one-month old would affect our schedule, but he has folded himself in with us just fine.

The other babies are also very protective of and attentive to him. This morning, while sanitizing a spare pacifier for Kelton...
Taevin: (points at Kelton and looks expectantly at me) Crying!!
Me: Yes. He wants his pacifier. But Daddy forgot it this morning. We're getting his spare though, it's alright.
Taevin: (points at Kelton and looks angrily at me) CRYING!!
Me: I know, darling. I'm working on it.
Lily: Uncle Chris forgot it, Taevin! I call him and tell him to bring it. (she pulls her imaginary cell phone from her imaginary pocket, dials, and places it to her ear) Hello? Uncle Chris? Don't ever ever ever ever forget Kelton's pacifier again! He needs it. Bye bye! (she turns to me) I call Uncle Chris. I fix it.

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