Monday, March 5, 2012

Lilyisms, Volume 5-ish***

Mommy: you are a small, fickle child.
Lily: no, Mommy, I Lily Vienne Lemmons!

Noni: Are you a ratfink?
Lily: No.
Noni: Are you a dormouse?
Lily: No.
Noni: Are you a raccoon?
Lily: No.
Noni: Are you a pirate?
Lily: Yes! A pirate!

(While watching Peter Pan)
Lily: Captain Hook is playing the piano!...with his umbrella!!

(Later on, while the pirates are capturing Wendy & the Lost Boys)
Lily: (folds her little hands, bows her little head) Thank you God for Captain Hook. Amen!

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