Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Lily-isms: Variety Pack

(Singing to herself)
Lily: Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle all the way. Going for the Walrus store in a one horse open sleigh. Hey!

After buying Lily & Andrew matching Tummy Tickler juice bottles...
Lily: Mommy? Did you write our names on our juice bottles?
Mommy: Yes, ma'am.
Lily: That's AMAZING! Mommy? You're a genius!

After work...
Daddy (to Mommy): So, was Lily good today?
Mommy (holds out hand and indicated imaginary orb): do you see this? Right here? In my hand? THIS is my LAST nerve.
Lily: Your LAST nerve? Mommy? Can I have it, please? (After shock wears off, mommy hands imaginary nerve to Lily who pops it in her mouth and smiles)...I ate it.

When Andrew tried to steal Lily's nose medicine...
Lily: "Andrew Glenn Jerrick Lemmons! You have to believe us! You don't get to open things."

The end of an informative to Mommy conversation about piercings...
Auntie Kayla: my belly button ring is off (meaning crooked) because it got ripped out.
Lily: Your belly button is off!? Can I see it!?

Lily: Uncle Kendell? Do you have hair?
Kendell: No, Lily, I don't have any hair.
Lily: Grandpa doesn't have any hair either! (Giggles)

(Upon waking up after a sleepover with Mommy and Daddy in Lily's room)
Mommy: I'm awfully hungry. This baby arm sure does look tasty. (Pretends to eat Lily's arm)
Lily: No! (Giggles) I'm not edible!
Daddy: but you do look so tasty! Just a little nibble (pretends to eat Lily's other arm)
Lily: (giggles) I need a sister.
Mommy: why do you need a sister? So we will eat her instead of you?
Lily: Nope. So she can help me.
Mommy: You mean so the two of you could gang up on us?
Lily: Yup.
Mommy (to Daddy): I think Lily feels outnumbered.
Lily: Yup.

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  1. Too cute! She is so funny. How do you ever keep a straight face?