Thursday, December 6, 2012

Truth in the Tinsel, Day 2: Zechariah

Today's Verse: Luke 1:5-25 (note: reading 20 verses from the bible to 3-year-olds is not smart. Tried the children's version of the bible and not only did it NOT hold their attention, but it also left out the part about Zechariah doubting Gabriel and the angel causing Zechariah to be unable to speak because of his disbelief...which is the main point of making this ornament! Frustration!)

Today's ornament: Zechariah, so that when we look at him we remember to believe what God says, no matter how impossible it seems.

Today's supplies: paint pens from when I made ornaments for Kayla and Marnie, silver ornaments from an after Christmas sale two years ago, the tiny band aids I never use because they are too small for any possible injury I could inflict on myself, and beads from a bible class Jen Arnel and I taught our junior year of college. Score 2 pts for personal goal!

Funny Moments:

Me: What vision did Zechariah see in the temple?
Lily: balloons and cake!

Me: what good news did the angel Gabriel have for Zechariah and his wife Elizabeth?
Andrew: a SWORD!!!!

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