Thursday, December 20, 2012


Singing to herself...
Lily: Father Abraham has too many sons. Too many sons has Father Abraham...

Lily (to Andrew): Yo ho ho! Merry Christmas!! (Leans in conspiratorially) That's what pirates say.

Lily: I'm tie-uhd.
Daddy: I don't know what tie-uhd means. Are you tired?
Lily: no! I'm tie-uhd!
Daddy: define tie-uhd.
Lily: tie-uhd is when you need to go home to watch one episode of Jake and the Neverland Pirates THEN go potty and go to bed.

(Lily and Andrew received suckers from the pharmacy, immediately unwrapped them and put them in their mouths )
Lily: I have a blue sucker. What color sucker does Andrew have?
Mommy: (looks down at wrappers to see one blue wrapper for Lily and one purple wrapper for Andrew) purple.
Lily: (giggles) nope! Red! (Elbows Andrew who removes the sucker from his mouth to prove its red they both giggle)
Mommy: (looks from one giggling, mischievous child to the other) I stand corrected.

Lily: I am NOT "prick sauce!"
Andrew: un huh!
Lily: Mommy!!!! Andrew is calling me "prick sauce!" I am not "prick sauce!!" I am Trixie!
Andrew: nope.
Lily: MOMMY!!!!!
Mommy: Lily, he's not saying "prick sauce," he's calling you a "princess."
Lily: (looks sheepish) ohhhhhhh. THAT I am.

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