Monday, July 29, 2013

Lilyisms: more Louisiana quotes I forgot to post

Mommy: (over the blaring theme song of Chuggington) Ok, Lily. It's time to go. Do you remember how to turn off the TV?
Noni: Wait! Don't turn it off. Peanut likes to watch TV while we are gone. 
Mommy: Poor Peanut. 
Lily: No! Not poor Peanut! She loves to watch Disney Junior!
Mommy: (as we are walking out the door, Peanut staring at us mournfully) Sorry, Girl. I'd change it to the cooking channel if I thought I'd get away with it. 

Lily: Mommy! I need to tell you something. I am already THREE! And I can't fly a rocket ship yet!
Mommy: I think Little Einstein's has set an unfair example for you. Most other three year olds also can not fly rocket ships. 

Lily: When you get married you aren't a daughter anymore. 
Mommy & Noni: (simultaneously) Oh yes you are!!
Mommy: when you get married you go to live somewhere else with your husband but you're always a daughter. Remember how Auntie Kayla moved out to live with Uncle Kendell? 
Lily: yes but she just kept coming back and coming back. ::Thinks a minute:: She forgot she was married. 

Lily: (comes running into the room) Is everything ok, fine and shipwrecked in here?
Mommy: Shipwrecked?
Lily: It means everything is all clean. 
Mommy: I think you meant ship-shape. Shipwrecked is when your boat is broken. 
Lily: Nope. Shipwrecked. 

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