Thursday, July 18, 2013

Thoughts on naming Jello

This post is from June, when we found out Jello was a girl and were first discussing what to name her. It has been "censored" until now. 

Mommy: ok, Lily.  What do you think we should name Jello?
Lily: Zara. 
Daddy: hey! What about Arwyn?
Lily: nope, Zara. 
Daddy: (to mommy) did you coach her?
Mommy: nope. I gave her a choice and even said Arwyn second to give you the best chance. 
Daddy: are you SURE you wouldn't rather Arwyn. 
Lily: how about Arwyn-Zara?
Mommy: Arwyn Zara Lemmons?
Daddy: no. She said Arwyn-Zara Evangeline Lemmons. With a hyphen. 
Mommy: (frowns) Too long. Ok. I'm going to give you three choices. You tell me which you like best. 
Lily: ok!
Mommy: Zara Evangeline Lemmons. Arwyn Evangeline Lemmons. Arwyn Zara Lemmons. 
Mommy & Daddy: what are you doing!?
Lily: practicing to see which one yells easiest. 

Lily: when I was in your tummy, I could see Jello too. And she is the cutest baby in the world. And I talked to her. 
Mommy: what did you talk about?
Lily: we talked about naming her Zara. Because its a pretty name and I NEED her to be named Zara. And Jello likes it. It's a princess name. I like being a princess. 
Mommy: does Jello like being a princess?
Lily: oh yes! Jello loves being a princess! Just like me!

Mommy: what should Jello's middle name be?
Lily: Queen. 

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