Monday, July 22, 2013

Spanish Elves

We are watching the first Lord of the Rings. It comes to the scene where Arwen is rushing Frodo to Rivendale while being chased by the Nazgul (for the record, having a three year old who knows what Hobbits and Nazgul are is awesome). Arwen stops and says some words in Elvish and water comes crashing down...

Lily: What's she doing?
Daddy: She's making the water come and take the Nazgul away.
Lily: With her Spanish?


  1. Si, la verdad es que Espanol es el idioma mas mistoco y poderoso. Lilly es muy inteligente y lo sabe. (Yes, the truth is that Spanish is the most mystical and powerful language. Lilly is very intelligent and knows this!) ;-)