Sunday, July 14, 2013

Song Titles of the Day

Recently, Lily delighted our ears with the following selection of self-composed songs:

"You Shouldn't Eat Poisonous Mushrooms"
"Beetles are Bad"
"Never Put a Lizard in Your Eye (Because He Might Breathe Fire" 
"Everything Is Pink" (while in Victorias Secret)
"Flower, Flower, Grow and be Pretty"
"I Won't Tell You Jello's Name (Not Even If You Ask Nicely!)" (this one has a lovely musical bridge of "no's")
"Put A Can on your Head"
"Trains, Trains, Trains!" (Sung loudly for a store-wide audience from inside the restroom of a fancy baby-stuff store)
"One Day I'll Be a Grown-Up" (and My Little Dresses Won't Fit Anymore!)

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