Sunday, July 14, 2013

Visiting GG & GPa

We have had the pleasure of getting to visit with Eric's grandparents this week. Within an hour of our arrival, Lily had Joe, who just celebrated his 90th birthday, in the backyard playing ball and using his cane upside down as a golf club. Within an hour of that, she was running (at their suggestion) fully clothed through their sprinklers, shrieking with laughter. 

GPa: (leans down to fiddle with the direction of a sprinkler head)
GG: Joseph! Leave that alone! It's fine how it is!
GPa: Well! The little girl gets to play in the water! I felt left out. 

With GG, Lily got to take her first genuine--not a Zoo train--train ride to Santa Fe. Then GG and GPa took us to Explora, a science museum, where we all got to play with hands-on science stations--and ride in an elevator that was so big, it held a couch and three chairs. It was the favorite "exhibit" for all of us--we rode it several times. 

We also got to see an iMax movie about Monarch butterflies. During the movie, while describing challenges the butterflies face during migration, the film showed a Monarch caterpillar falling into a bed of ants...who proceeded to eat him. Lily was highly distressed and has been on a mission to squish every ant she has seen since. 

GG: You'll have to come visit us again! Maybe next time we can go to the aquarium. 
Lily: and your church?
GG: yep. 
Lily: and play with the dolls with dolls in them?
Entire Table: baffled expressions 
Daddy: Do you mean GG's nesting dolls?
Lily: Yeah!! Each doll has another doll in it. I like that. 

It's been a wonderful trip and we are all sad to go. 

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