Monday, July 29, 2013

Whale Sharks, Sugar Bugs, Emeralds & An Old Lady

Lily: If I fell into a whale shark, I'd turn into food. ::thinks for a second:: But the whale shark would be sick forEVER!

Lily: Mommy! Mommy! The Snack Patrol said candy bars and soda weren't yummy or healthy!
Mommy: I don't suppose there's any way we can just forget the Snack Patrol ever said that, is there?
Lily: But Mommy! I love candy bars and soda!
Mommy: do you remember when the dental hygienist said sugar bugs live in our food and we brush our teeth to get rid of them?
Lily: yes. 
Mommy: well sugar bugs really like candy bars and sodas. They always live in candy bars and sodas. 
Lily: ::very seriously:: But Mommy! Some candy bars are good. And some sodas. 
Mommy: You mean the ones you really like, right?
Lily: (Looks at me fiercely as if she can force me to agree with her using only her eyes) Yes, exactly. I like the ones with m&m's in them. They are healthy and give me lots of energy! 

Lily:  Noni has an Emerald necklace and an Emerald ring. 
Mommy: Noni really likes Emeralds. That's why she named me Emerald. I really like Lilies. That's why I named you Lily.
Lily: I really like mommies. That's why I call you Mommy. 

Lily: Auntie Kayla, why do you have those glasses?
Kayla: Because my eyes don't work so well without them
Lily: Sometimes, when I'm pretending to be an old woman, I wear glasses like that.

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