Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Conversation With Grand-Da:

Lily: if Grand-Da buys me a pony, you can brush it. 
Mommy: if Grand-Da buys you a pony YOU can brush it...and feed it...and scoop its poop...and clean its stall...and take it for walks. 
Lily: that's silly. 
Mommy: I think you better go tell Grand-Da you want a carousel pony instead, before he buys you something we have to feed. 
Lily: (runs to Grand-Da) I want a carousel pony instead. 
Grand-Da: you want a cell phone!?
Lily: no! A caros...a curro...a sella...I want a pony I don't have to feed. 
Grand-Da: wouldn't you rather a cellphone?

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