Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Disney: Day 4, Epcot

At 7:30am, while still asleep:
Lily: **giggles manically for about 45 minutes**
At 8:30am, finally awake:
Daddy: what were you dreaming about?
Lily: Chocolate dress!! ** giggles manically again**

At Nemo and Friends:
Lily: why are the seagulls so rude?
Mommy: because they are hungry. I know I have trouble being polite when Im hungry. Do you have trouble being polite when you're hungry?
Lily: nope!

At Marrakesh, in the World Showcase at Morocco, Lily got to dance with a Belly Dancer. 

Trying on a Moroccan hat. 

In "England," meeting Alice!!

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