Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Disney: Day 5, Hollywood Studios

After dancing in a parade with Stich:
Lily: Lilo's dog took me for a walk!!

At the Indiana Jones stunt show:
(Harrison Ford's stunt double enters from a rope through the ceiling, dodges the booby traps, switches the bag of sand for the priceless artifact, and runs from the giant boulder)
Lily: hey! That guy did the same stuff as Daring Do on My Little Ponies in the episode where Rainbow Dash breaks her wing and has to read. Except Daring Do is faster than the boulder. 

(Stunt Doubles for Indy and Marion race to escape Nazi soldiers and a burning plane. I look down and Lily's hands are over her face)
Mommy: Lily, it's ok! They're just pretending. Indy and Marion will be alright. 
Lily: (distressed voice) I know. But I broke a nail! (shows me broken nail; rips off broken nail; smiles at me) But its ok. I fixed it. 

Meeting Phineas and Ferb!!!!!!

On the way to Fantasmic:
Toph: (to Emerald, about Eric and Jarrod) Why are they moving so fast!!? Don't they remember you're pregnant and I'm lazy?

After seeing Fantasmic (which is a live pyrotechnic show):
Lily: That movie was FUN!

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