Sunday, June 9, 2013

Disney: Day 2, Magic Kingdom

After riding Thunder Mountain Railroad...
Lily: why are we going slow now?

To Cinderella:
Lily: what happened to your finger?
Cinderella: I burned it cooking for the Prince. Can I tell you a secret?
Lily: uh-huh!
Cinderella: I'm not a very good cook. 
Lily: my mommy is a good cook!

While eating lunch at Cinderella's Castle, Princess Aurora comes by. She starts talking to Lily. 
Aurora: Is this your Prince Charming? (Looks at Andrew, who is chewing his broccolini like a giraffe eating a tree...not very prince-like...she looks back at Lily)
So...your dress is pretty.

While riding Pirates of the Caribbean...
Lily: I think those are plastic pirates. 

At 11:30pm after a 15 hour day with no nap...
Mommy: is it bedtime?
Lily: not until I ride the boat!...but I'm going to fall asleep on the boat. 
(She did.)

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