Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Noni, does this work?

Lily: I need to finish my water. 
Grand-Da: would you like some ice?
Lily: yes. I can get it. 
Grand-Da: no you can't. 
Lily: Yes I can! I'm a big girl!
Grand-Da: I'm telling you, no you can't. 
Lily: Yes! I! Can!
Grand-Da: where are you going to get it from?
Lily: (points to the ice maker in the refrigerator door)
Grand-Da: nope. It's broken. 
Lily: (thinks) (yells) Noni!? Is the ice maker really broken!?
Grand-Da: you don't believe me? Try it. 
Lily: (tries it. Two ice cubes fall out. Grand-Da is shocked.) See?

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