Thursday, June 13, 2013

Day 6: Last Day! Magic Kingdom again

At Breakfast with Mary Poppins:

Mad Hatter: (to another family) You're going to EPCOT today? You know that EPCOT stands for Every Person Leaves Tired, right!?

Mad Hatter: ahh! That one looks dangerous! (Points to Andrew who is holding a butter knife menacingly) Can I take a picture with you, Butter Knife?
Q: And THAT is Andrew's new nickname. 

Q: Meet me outside the bathroom. 
Andrew: Where is Q?
Cookie: he went on the potty ride. 
Andrew: (considers this) I go potty ride?
Cookie: yep. But you have to leave your book. This is a water ride. 

After viewing Philharmagic ride:
Daddy: was that cool?
Lily: No!! was aMAZEing!!!

After viewing Storytime with Belle (in which Uncle Toph played the role of a knight and Lily played the role of Chip):
Mommy: those casting choices could  not have been more perfect!
Auntie Marnie: I know. Especially Lily! (Mimicking Chip's line from the movie:) "But I'm not sleepy!"
Lily: (from Uncle Toph's shoulders) Me neither!!

On Main Street:
Mommy: Lily, I need to go potty. Do...
Lily: (Interupts) I DO NOT NEED TO GO POTTY!
Mommy: Oh, Lily! Before Jello comes, you're going to get awfully tired of me saying that, huh?
Lily: No. I'm just tired. 

Daddy: Are you ok?
Lily: No! I want to be back at the hotel, and take a bath, and cool off, and put on my watch, and go back outside, and get some fresh air, and THEN I'll be good.

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