Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Up and Out of My Throat!

Lily: what are you drinking?
Mommy: mommy juice (cranberry juice) and water. 
Lily: is the water for Jello?
Mommy: yep. 
Lily: I have a Jello in my tummy. I'm feeding it mac and cheese so it will grow bigger and bigger and bigger and come up out of my throat!
Mommy: out of your throat, huh?
Lily: yep. But my throat is kind of a small hole. What if my Jello grows too big for my throat?
Mommy: maybe your throat will expand. 
Lily: (thinks for a second) that's a great idea! It sure is good that throat hole expands. 
Mommy: yep. Throat hole. Uh huh. 

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